Wedding Ceremony Idea - The Wedding Wine Box Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony Idea - The Wedding Wine Box Ceremony

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While every wedding is special, some couples choose to go above and beyond the traditional by incorporating their own personal touches into their big day. One popular way to add that “little something extra” is by including a wine box ceremony into the proceedings. While no two wine box ceremonies (or wedding ceremonies in general!) are alike, it’s easy to see the appeal of a ritual that highlights a couple’s belief in a long and prosperous future together.

How Do You Have a Wine Box Ceremony?

During a wine box ceremony, a couple places a special bottle of wine into a beautifully-crafted box during their wedding ceremony. This can be done before or after their vows, but is usually accompanied by an explanation by the officiant of the couples personal plans for their wine box. They might plan to open their wine box to celebrate their first anniversary, a first child, or even an anniversary celebration many years down the road.

Adding a Personal Touch

Some couples choose to enclose unopened love letters in their wedding wine boxes to be read at the decided-upon special occasion. Another popular option is to keep the box unopened until the couple hits a rough patch in the future. When they do, they can open their box, share a glass of wine together, and read their love letters to remind themselves why they choose their partner all those years ago.

Choosing Your Wine Box and Wine

There are so many styles and ways to personalize your wine box. You can include the date of your wedding ceremony, the date you plan to open it, or even a phrase that has a personal meaning for you and your partner.  Whatever you choose, be sure it’s something you will love having around and looking at for the next 5, 10, 25, or even 50 years. When selecting your wine, pick something special you will anticipate with pleasure.

As a general rule, a red wine will last longer than a white wine — but if you plan to open your box within a few years, you’ll have a greater selection of wines to choose from. To be safe, consult with a professional who can advise you about when a certain wine will peak to make sure it will still taste great the day you open it. Not all wines can stand up to 25 years of aging, but if you select the right one, you’re in for a wonderful experience in the years ahead.


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Whatever your other plans for your wedding day, including a wine box ceremony is a lovely way to add a personal spin on the proceedings. It’s memorable for guests, special for you, and provides a tangible reminder of your wedding day you can proudly display in your home.

If you want to start planning your wine box ceremony, read our 9 Steps to Plan Your Perfect Wedding Wine Box Ceremony to help get the ball rolling.

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