Skip the Blender: 4 Personalized Wedding Gifts That Stand Out From the Rest

Skip the Blender: 4 Personalized Wedding Gifts That Stand Out From the Rest

If you’re going to buy a couple a personalized wedding gift, you have to do it right.

You’ve received a wedding invitation in the mail. More likely than not, you’ll find a mention of the wedding registry the couple created. Buying another generic pyrex dish off a registry can feel sterile and impersonal, but if you decide to venture away from their preselected list in search of a more thoughtful, personalized wedding gift, make sure you choose something the couple will truly cherish.

Here are a few personalized wine wedding gifts that hit that perfect balance of surprise and thoughtfulness:

Anniversary Wine Box

What better way to show your belief in a long and happy future for the couple than an anniversary wine box with three anniversaries dates built in? You can even select which anniversaries to celebrate (for example, years 1, 2, and 3 vs years 5, 7, and 10).

Include the wine as a part of the gift— or let them choose their own. Be sure to include a personal touch by adding a special message to the couple on the inside of each of the lids.

This can be a hope you have for their relationship, a meaningful quote, or even an inside joke. Regardless of what you choose to have inscribed, this is a wooden wedding gift that will be enjoyed for years.

Monogrammed Wine Carafe

If the couple loves wine, a personalized open-top wine carafe is beautiful enough to be on display and purposeful enough to actually be used. Monogram the couple’s names, initials, or even their anniversary date.

If you are feeling extra generous, you can also add some personalized wine glasses to the mix.

Keepsake Photo Box

In an age where everything is digital, tangible memories have become extra special. Give the gift of beautiful moments they can preserve with a personalized Keepsake Photo Box. The couple can store their invitations, some dried flowers from the bouquet, and of course, printed photos from their wedding ceremony, in a modern box that displays beautifully on a coffee table or bookshelf.

Personalize the lid by engraving the initials of the couple, the year of their wedding, or special place they love.

Plan A Date For Them

After all the stress of planning a wedding, it’s normal for a couple’s creative planning juices to be depleted. Take the pressure off them for an evening by planning a personalized date for them. A gift card and reservations to a new restaurant, tickets to a play you know they have been meaning to see, a couples massage followed by dessert— there are an endless combination of possibilities. You’d be surprised how much a couple will appreciate the feeling of being pampered without having to make any of the decisions that go into planning a date. Challenge yourself (and your knowledge of the couple) to see how perfect a date you can cook up.

While shopping off of a wedding registry is a safe choice, the husband and wife-to-be will always remember your unique wedding gift and the thought you put into choosing it for them.

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