How to Create the Perfect Custom Corporate Gift

How to Create the Perfect Custom Corporate Gift

When selecting a corporate gift, you want something that the recipient will enjoy but will also remind them of your business and what a great partner you are. Here are some tips to create the perfect personalized corporate gift:

1. Make it personal, as in personalized. 

Let's be honest when you give a corporate gift (unlike most other gifts) you are looking for something in return. A business gift is an extension of your brand and marketing. It is very important that, whatever gift you choose, the recipient - whether a client, customer, vendor, or employee will remember your company. Obviously, the easiest way to do this is to put your logo or branding on it. A little goes a long way, no need to go crazy, think subtle branding that you don't have to see from across the room. No one wants to use something that makes them feel like a walking billboard - just a little something for them to remember you by.

2. Pick something that can be enjoyed by all.

This is Gifting 101 - give a gift that has value to the recipient and makes them feel like you get them. If you are trying to pick one gift to give to 100 different people, make sure it does not make the recipients feel as though you don't know them or their interests. 

3. Don't be generic.

This can be a tough thing to do based on tip #2 but it is possible. Sure pens and mugs are all things most people can use but nothing about those promotional tools say you put any thought into this gift and they will get lost in the sea of holiday chotchkies. Pick a unique corporate gift that they didn't get twelve of last year. Choose something that has a story, maybe it's handmade, maybe it's from a small business, maybe it's cleverly related to your business or industry.

4. Make sure it celebrates the recipient.

This is your chance to be involved with your customers personal life, from a distance. For example, the holiday season is a time of celebration and spending time with friends and family. Give a gift they can share with family or friends, something unique that they can say "Yeah isn't it great! My friend at XYZ company gave me this." Maybe you can get some referrals ; ) 

5. Can the customer keep it for a while?

Gift baskets and such are great but they are consumable. Will there be anything left after the holidays to remind the recipient of you? Is there anything left to display or remind them of the thoughtful, personal and unique corporate gift you gave them? Get something they won't want to discard. 

6. Make it match the occasion.

Is this a corporate holiday gift, special corporate event gift, or a gift to celebrate the big deal? Try and speak to the occasion and commemorate it. For example, don't give a cooler as a holiday gift - they won't be able to really use it for several months. It would make a much better summer event gift.

7. Make it easy for yourself.

Find a vendor that can provide you with the level of customer service that makes it easy for you to give a great gift. There is nothing worse than either not getting your gifts on time or being disappointed when they arrive. We recommend ordering a sample so you can see how it arrives and get a better feel for the product in your hands. Also, contact customer service to see how responsive they are. This will help eliminate surprises when you are ready to place your order. 

Now that we have established some criteria for giving great corporate gifts, here are a few recommendations on gift ideas. 

Our company was founded on the idea that bottles of wine make great gifts, they just need a great delivery vessel to make it the perfect gift. We can create a unique and customized gift box that make for a great presentation and turn a bottle of wine into a thoughtful and unique gift. We think you will find, like many of our customers, that our wine boxes will check all the boxes for the perfect custom corporate gift.

Our corporate wine boxes aren't just for wine! Our customers have used our custom boxes to gift cookies, coffee, clothing and many other things. Once the items inside have been used, the boxes become great for storing all kinds of items around the house or office.

A few more products for different occasions:

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The Gift to Celebrate the Big Deal

The Corporate Event Gift

The Appreciation Gift 

employee gift wine box

Even if you don't choose our gifts, we hope this article will help you choose a great gift for your clients, partners and employees. Have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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