Passive Wood Phone Amplifier

Timbrefone is a handcrafted wood amplifier for your phone. Through the magic of good old-fashioned physics, the sound from your phones internal speaker is amplified through the sculpted acoustic cone. 


Song "Salvation" courtesy of Jeremiah and the Red Eyes

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Loved by techies, audiophiles & aficionados

"I like the Timbrefone because of its stark simplicity, and from a woodworking standpoint, its sheer beauty (really, the picture doesn't do it justice)."

- Ken C. Pohlmann

"The company calls it an acoustic work of art, and it's stunning. Just set your mobile phone in its cradle, and richer, warmer and much louder sound emerges."

- Bob LeVitus, aka Dr. Mac

"I purchased the iPhone amplifier for my husband for Christmas and we absolutely loved it. As my husband is particularly difficult to shop for, his excitement for this piece of art was a joy to watch. The amplifier works so well and we were playing music all over the house using the amplifier."

- Megan F, happy customer


The Timbrefone™ is perfect for patios, picnics, kitchens, bathrooms, the office or anywhere you would like to enjoy some music without worrying about adapters, bluetooth syncing, cables, cords, batteries or a power source. Simply set your phone in the cradle and the sound is amplified.


Amplifies Your Phone Naturally

Through the magic of good old-fashioned physics, the Timbrefone amplifies the sound coming from your phone's internal speaker. Much the way a megaphone works, the acoustic cone magnifies the sound by increasing what is called acoustic impedance.

Timbrefone Origin - Phone Amplifier

Fits Several Popular Phones

The Timbrefone works with any phone that has a speaker located along the bottom edge when facing the phone. It will accommodate these phones, including most cases: all Apple iPhone models (including plus) and the Samsung Galaxy. 

An Acoustic Work Of Art

The Timbrefone is a beautifully handcrafted passive speaker for your phone. Each one is sanded to a smooth finish and hand-rubbed with danish oil. 

Did we mention it looks great on your desk for hands-free video calls in the office?

Superior Handmade Quality

Our skilled team of artisans meticulously handcraft your gifts - with heart & soul - at our workshop in High Ridge, Missouri.

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