6 Great Gift Ideas For Your Wine Lover

6 Great Gift Ideas For Your Wine Lover

Need a memorable and thoughtful gift for the wine lover in your life? Here are some unique ideas to create a show-stopping gift using our handcrafted and personalized wine boxes. These suggestions work great for Valentine's Day, anniversary gifts, or for any special occasion with your significant other.

  1. Create a wonderful gift box just for them.

    This could be one of your most thoughtful and romantic gifts yet! Our Keepsake Ceremony Wine Boxes have two compartments; one compartment is perfect for their favorite bottle of wine, while the other is a large cork lined compartment that you can fill with items you know they will love.

    Create a great gift for your wife. Add a collection of spa items such as lotions, bubble bath, and other things she can pamper herself with.

    Create a great gift for your husband. Add a handmade wallet, aftershave, a book on fishing, a bottle stopper or wine opener. 

    You know them best, so make a little list of small items you think they would enjoy to create a wonderful care package just for them. Need help coming up with a list? Try answering a few of these questions:

    • What do they do for fun or in their spare time? Example: Add a book about wine.
    • What do you love most about them? If it is their sense of humor add some tickets to a comedy show.
    • What is their favorite food or restaurant? Add a gift card to a restaurant.
    • Handmade coupons by you. A coupon for a massage or a night on the town.
    • What is something they need, something they want and something you want them to have?
    • What would make them laugh? 

    If they don’t like wine, you could add a bottle of spirits, craft beer or even something entirely different like a flower or vase. We also have a few different size
    keepsake boxes perfect for photos or other trinkets like the keepsake shoebox pictured here. 

    spa box example

  2. Create a wonderful gift box for both of you to share.

    Want to create the perfect kit for a romantic evening such as Valentine’s Day or your anniversary? Customize one of our Keepsake Ceremony Wine Boxes with your names and the date of the special occasion. Add a bottle to share and a collection of things to do on your romantic night such as: 

    • Create a wine tasting kit by adding some wine glasses, chocolates, cheese and crackers. 
    • Have a poetry reading by adding a few books of their favorite poems that you could read to them (maybe even one by you).
    • Include a game to play together... twister anyone?
    • Make it intimate by adding a book of massage and some oils.

    PG or R the choice is yours, but either way it will be a fun gift for you and your significant other.

  3. Create a cornucopia wine box.

    We love this wine gift idea for the wine connoisseur! Pick one of our wine boxes and customize, but don’t add a year to the date. Omitting the year gives you the opportunity to add a new bottle of wine every year and make it a special annual event. 

    This can be a Valentine’s Day Gift, Christmas Eve Gift, New Year’s Eve Gift, Anniversary Gift, the day you met or any other annual occasion. Annual traditions are a great way to celebrate and this is a wonderful gift idea for those who love drinking wine. They will be sure to look forward to the surprise of discovering what's in their wine box year after year.

  4. Create a Shared Memories Wine Box.

    This idea is similar to the cornucopia wine box above with a twist. Utilizing one of our Keepsake Ceremony Wine Boxes, add a bottle of wine along with a collection of things that conjure the memories of your lives together. This is an exceptional anniversary gift idea.

    They can be items you have or you can find some items of significance to represent memories you created previously. For example, if you went on a camping trip to yellowstone but don’t have any relics, find a postcard from yellowstone and write your favorite thing about that trip on the back. Seed the box with a few of your fondest memories, this will be the base to get your tradition started.

    When you open the box on your anniversary have a wonderful evening sharing a bottle of wine and reminiscing about all the wonderful times you have shared over the years. As the night draws to a close, add an item to represent a memory from this year and a new bottle of wine. Enjoy a final toast to your future together and seal the box until next year when the tradition will continue.

  5. Create your own wine box.

    Are you artistic or do you have a unique idea for a great gift for your spouse? You can download our template located on the create your own design boxes, create your own art, and upload it. We will take your art and engrave it on the outside of a wine box. 

    Not that artistic but have an idea? Contact us and we can help you design the box. 

  6. Create a Photo wine box.

    This is similar to the last idea but doesn’t require artistic ability. If you have a great, high resolution photo, we can turn it into an amazing
    engraved photo wine box and create a truly special and meaningful gift. 

    The quality of the image will play a role in how the engraving turns out, so click here for our recommendations on picking the best photo to upload. If you aren’t interested in a three bottle wine box, you can also upload photos to any of our create your own boxes

We hope these ideas help you create some thoughtful and unique gifts for your wine lover. If you have any questions or need any assistance creating the perfect gift for your significant other, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If these suggestions spark other ideas please be sure and share them with us as well! Happy Gifting!

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