Steps to Plan Your Wedding Wine Box Ceremony

9 Steps to Plan Your Perfect Wedding Wine Box Ceremony

Wedding Wine Box CeremonyLooking for a unique ceremony idea for your wedding?

The Wine Box Ceremony is a ritual that celebrates your love, not only on your wedding day but also your future together. This keepsake becomes a lovely time capsule of your wedding day that you can share on a future anniversary. If you haven’t heard or seen the Wine Box Ceremony before, here is a blueprint for adding it to your special day.

 What you will need:

  • A great bottle of wine that will age until you are ready to drink it
  • A card or letter and envelope for both you and your significant other
  • Any special items you would like to add to the “time capsule”
  • A special wood keepsake wine box to hold all of these items

Step 1: Collect the items

Decide what you want to stow away in this little time capsule. Some ideas include special wine glasses, a bottle opener, pictures, videos, small keepsakes…

Step 2: Decide when to open the box

1 year? 5 years? This is important as you will need to make sure your wine will age well for the number of years you plan to store it. For example, a champagne or white wine will probably not age as well as a red. For more information read our post: How to Select Wine for Aging.

Step 3: Start some thoughtful reflection

Most important! You and your significant other should spend some time in the weeks leading up to the wedding writing thoughtful letters/notes to each other. Include things like what you love most about each other, your thoughts as your wedding date approaches, what you are looking forward to most in the future.  Don’t let each other know what you are writing!!! Seal the envelopes and save the surprise for years down the road. (Tip: Not sure what to write? View our Time Capsule Letter Ideas)

Step 4: Consult your officiant

Work with your officiant to determine when and how you would like to perform the ceremony.

Step 5: Determine the setting and arrangement

It will probably be easiest to have a small table or surface at which to perform the wine box ceremony. You can either have all the items displayed on the table so you and your significant other can place each item into the custom keepsake wine box together. Or, you can already have the items in the box and just slide the lid closed and seal the box together. Be sure and rehearse this ahead of time.

Step 6: Tell the story

At the appropriate time in your wedding, when you approach the table, be sure to have the officiant explain what is happening so your guests can appreciate the significance of the ceremony. Here is an example, but feel free to edit to fit your wedding:

“Parker and Taylor have created a memorable keepsake to take forward with them on this journey of marriage. Over the past several weeks and months while planning their union, they have been recording their thoughts and documenting their love for each other. Within this beautiful wooden box, they will hold these cherished love letters along with a few other keepsakes and a bottle of wine. In __ years they plan to open the time capsule together, share a glass of wine, and read these letters to each other in celebration of their love. While we may not have glasses in our hands I still offer this toast - May their love be like great wine and age to perfection.”

Step 7: Seal the deal

On your big day, as the officiant is narrating, you and your partner can put any items in and close the lid and seal the box. At this time, it might be a nice touch to stand the box up so the audience can see it. Congratulations!

Step 8: Storing the box

Be sure and store your wine box out of direct sunlight and in a room with a fairly consistent low temperature. A cool closet or dry basement (think wine cellar here). Try not to move the box around too much either. We want to do everything we can to ensure your bottle of wine is delightful when you open it. For more wine storage tips, read our post: 6 Tips to Properly Store Wine.

Step 9: Reaching your milestone

When you have reached your predetermined milestone (or if you can’t wait and you want to open the box), plan a quiet night together. Open the box, share a glass wine and read your wonderful letters to each other.

We love hearing how you put your own twist on the Wine Box Ceremony. Please share your story and pics with us!
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