Well, we couldn't just have 1 dog...

Claudes adoption picture
Claude's Adoption Pic

Flip the switch cause it’s about to get energetic up in here! Since our first official Shop Dog, Millie, has been such a joy raising, we somehow thought it would be a good idea to adopt her a little brother. Ok, we didn’t actually plan to adopt another puppy, but then we saw a photo of him and, Oh My Goodness, we couldn’t help ourselves - those ears, those eyes, that face! Instant love connection!!

Claude 'up to no good' with sister Millie
Claude 'up to no good' with sister Millie


Our second “Missouri Mix” puppy addition is Claudius Chewbacca Bumble or “Claude” for short. Full of energy, spunk, and adventure, he is far from the reserved pup his sister Millie is. Claude may have been born with a deformed left front paw, but you would never know that by how fast he runs. He takes pleasure in being outside, chewing on everything (especially his sister, Millie) and loves treats. Claude is right at home snuggling next to you and enjoys sleeping spread eagle on his back. He has made great progress already learning to “sit” but he’ll soon be learning some manners at No Leash Needed, of which his sister is a proud alum.  It’s hard to imagine him roaming the streets just a few months old; alone, scared, and hungry, but those days are far behind him!

We adopted Claude from Stray Rescue of St. Louis. For information about donating or adopting, check out their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram (strayrescuestl).

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