Applebrides Features Anniversary Box

Applebrides Features Anniversary Box as "favorite gift"


Some of my very favorite wedding gifts were ones that were not on my registry. The gifts that I know the person spent a lot of time thinking about (or making) and knew it would be something I would want in my home. A couple weeks ago I received a beautiful wine box from Wine for a Wedding to review, and I have to say that I am IN LOVE with the concept (and it’s not just the wine talking!). I love that these boxes are an easy way to create a very personal gift for the wine lovers in your life.

Wine for a Wedding creates gorgeous wood boxes with three wine bottle slots that the couple can open on their first, third, fifth (or 10th!) anniversary. The boxes can be customized with dates and initials, here is the one I received:

Collage: Anniversary Wine Box: Monogram Cottage

Each box is handcrafted and engraved which means they are completely customizable. You can include personal messages, established dates, anniversary open dates and even photos!

Collage: Anniversary Photo Box

Inside Messages

The boxes are created by artists, so they’re not just practical, they are also beautiful. Mine is currently sitting in my formal dining room and has already received many compliments.

I loved the design that I received, but here are a couple other ones I love:

Anniversary Wine Box: Eat, Drink, Be Married

Anniversary Wine Box: Family Vintage

Anniversary Wine Box: Monogram Deco

Anniversary Wine Box: Label of Love

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