Thoughtful Engagement Gifts to Give the Happy Couple

Thoughtful Engagement Gifts to Give the Happy Couple

Engagement season is upon us, which means it's time to start thinking about gifts.

There's a special art to picking the perfect engagement gift. Unlike the wedding, the couple won't tell you what they want or need, so this one is totally up to you.

You should aim to find something thoughtful, personalized and conducive to ushering in the happy couple's new life together.

If you know someone who's just been engaged — or someone who's about to be — here are a few hand-crafted, easy-to-personalize gift ideas to get you started.

A way to preserve their cherished memories

Wooden Keepsake Box


The couple getting engaged likely has a lot of photos they treasure, and they're about to take a lot more. Help them preserve those cherished memories with a hand-crafted, personalized keepsake photo box.

Artificer Wood Works' Keepsake Photo Box is a meaningful way to store and showcase the couple's favorite photographs, artwork, documents, or mementos while protecting them for years to come. You can choose from a number of decorative options, including stunning typography of the couple's names or the date of their engagement. Whatever you choose, the couple will look back at it fondly for years to come.

Something to remind them of their special day


Wooden Wine Box


For the couple who enjoys the occasional — or regular — glass of wine, a personalized first anniversary wine box makes for a unique, meaningful and long-lasting engagement gift.

Artificer Wood Works' patented, personalized wedding gift wine boxes offer a recurring toast to the happy couple presented in a beatiful case worthy of display. Each one comes with three different compartments for the couple's favorite bottle of wine — each of which can be opened on future anniversaries or occasions with a personal message from you. Your design options range from simple, clever, photographic and beyond.

Give them a unique wine engagement gift they will cherish for anniversaries to come. It's truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Unique decor for their new home

Custom Bottle Opener


Finally, consider presenting the almost-newlyweds with something to decorate their home — ideally, something meaningful and unique that truly makes theirs a family home.

For the family who loves beer and to entertain, try a personalized, made-to-order bottle opener. Artificer Wood Works makes a number of options that can be made to display the couple's new name, monogram, favorite sports team, or anything else, really.

Another option is a holiday wine box that will make the couple smile every year when they take it out for display. A customized wooden wine box creates a unique personalized gift any wine lover will adore, and can be tailored to feature nearly any design, quote, name, date and more. You can choose boxes that hold one, two or three bottles.

And for the quirky couple, there are a few holiday options sure to elicit a giggle each time it comes out.

Artificer Wood Works can help you easily create personalized gifts and special keepsakes that you will be excited to give and the recipient will be delighted to receive. Shop here.

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