Customization Tips for Inside Lid Messages

So, you’ve found the perfect message to engrave on the back of the lid. Here are some tips on how to add that special touch to your inside lid messages.

1) Each message will be engraved centered on the lid and in the font shown in the photo. Different font options are not available. 

inside lid messages

2) Each message can be up to 375 characters (equates to 75 characters per line, including spaces) and five lines total. The engraving software will automatically cut off after line five (or fifth return).

Example: Original typed message with seven lines (the return between the fifth line and the last line is counted as a line/return):

message in type

What is actually engraved:

message in script

Once compared, you’ll notice the last line of text has automatically been omitted as it exceeds the five-line limit.

Tip: Add the text to Microsoft Word and use the character counter. Once you have the desired layout with the character line limit and returns, simply copy/paste into the cell for the inside lid message on the product’s customization page.

3) No emojis or emoticons. Our standard font does not include emojis and automatically omits them.

Example: Original typed message with emojis and emoticons:

emoticons in text

What is actually engraved: 

script emoticons

Once compared, you’ll notice the emoji has been omitted (line 1) and the emoticons are not aesthetically pleasing (lines 2 and 3).

4) No ALL CAPS – they do not read well in our standard font.

 Example: Original typed message in ALL CAPS:

All caps messages

 When typing in upper and lower case:

initial cap messages

Once compared, you’ll notice the ALL CAPS version in illegible and aesthetically unpleasing.

5) Using characters or languages that may not be recognized by our standard font.

Example: Original typed message using special characters:

special characters message

What is actually engraved:

special characters script

Once compared, you’ll notice the special character (line 2, third character) has automatically been omitted as our standard font does not recognize it.

Other Tips:

1) Proofs are not sent for inside lid messages so always spellcheck. We are not responsible for typos and the engraving software will automatically engrave the messages as they were placed during the ordering process.

2) Adding inside lid messages does not affect the production time.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Happy Customizing ☺


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