Outside the Box Gift Ideas

Outside the Box Gift Ideas - that go inside the box :)

It appears to those who know me that I may have an addiction. To what you may ask? Well…to our boxes!!! Whenever a friend moves, a sibling graduates from college, or a cousin gets married, they know that they can count on me to show up at the event with a pristine box in hand. Luckily, they can’t wait for me to bring it. I’d like to think they’re excited to see me, but I’m pretty sure the alcohol inside the box is what they’re really looking forward to ;) But not all of my friends and family like to drink. So I’ve gifted our boxes in some clever ways to include other pretties they will enjoy:

My youngest sister was married in September 2013 and is not a seasoned wine drinker. As her wedding coordinator, she asked that I provide her and her groom my drink of choice for their wedding toast – I chose a lovely Moscato D’Asti, which they LOVED! Since my gift to her was our three-compartment wine box with their photo engraved on the front, I needed to fill the other two compartments with something other than wine. Since my sister likes all things glittery, shiny, and attention getting, I placed a wine glass with a pair of Victoria’s Secret rhinestone panties (one pair stated “Bride” and the other “Just Married”) inside each glass in the first and second compartments. The wine was placed in the third compartment. She absolutely loved it and proudly displays her photo wine box for all of their company to admire. Once the owner of the reception hall saw the wooden wedding gift box on the gift table, he ordered one for his anniversary!! How awesome!

Outside the Box Gift Ideas: newly married

Outside the Box Gift Ideas: Newly Married 2

My son’s stepmother is also one of my best friends. We are very close and exchange birthday gifts every year – our birthdays are only four days apart :) I especially designed for her a three-compartment photo box with custom “Open On” years. The first lid stated “Open On Your Birthday”, the second “Open After Your Next Race” (she’s a runner) and the third “Open On Your Anniversary”. In the first compartment I put a manicure kit, the second compartment a pedicure kit (after running a half marathon you’re gonna need something for those feet ;) and in the third a bottle of wine. Can we say she LOVED it?! Why, yes, yes we can! Again, I was the rock star of gift giving and it felt soooo good!!

Outside the Box Gift Ideas: Birthday

There are so many ways to gift these beautiful boxes. If you need some inspiration or a sounding board to bounce your custom creation ideas off of, contact us and we will do our best to create a wine box that you will be proud to give and they will be excited to receive.

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