16,000 Tree Planted

How planting trees helps people

Thanks to you, and our partnership with Trees for the Future, we have planted over 16,000 trees and preserved livelihoods along the way. It's widely known that trees create much of the Earth's oxygen, combat climate change and provide habitat for wildlife. What is less known is how trees preserve livelihoods. We would like to share how Trees for the Future focuses on the role trees play in agroforestry and in helping farming families improve their land quality and productivity.

"Agroforestry integrates trees into agriculture and landscapes, a model that is particularly appropriate for resource poor farmers in developing countries. In addition to providing fruits, berries, and nuts, trees provide environmental services that are essential for families in the developing world: they can improve the fertility of degraded soils (through nitrogen fixation), prevent wind and soil erosion (thereby also contributing to improved fertility), increase water penetration into underground aquifers, and contribute to improvements in the growing environment. Trees help to lessen the wind that might affect crops, cool off ground temperatures, and trap moisture and nutrients in the soil so that food crops grow better in the improved microclimate. Trees also provide fodder for animals, create living fences, and can be a source of sustainable fuelwood production."

16,000 Tree PlantedFarmer with Crops

This farmer's growing crop will provide food, firewood, ground water and livelihood for his village.

Photo credit: TreesfortheFuture.org

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