Standard vs. Magnum Wine Box

New Custom Magnum Wine Box

Q: What makes a better gift than wine?    A: More Wine!!!

Introducing our new Magnum-sized wine boxes. Choose from any of our standard one-bottle box designs and simply select to supersize it to a Magnum in the product options.

For those of you who don't know what a Magnum sized bottle is, check out this wonderful chart from Wine Folly's book : The Essential Guide to Wine (which we highly recommend).

wine folly bottle size

As you can see, wine comes in many different sized bottles beyond the standard 750ml that is widely available. A Magnum bottle holds 1.5 L of wine, or the equivalent of 2 standard bottles. This makes it great for larger dinner parties or get together. But look just how big they can get - the Nebuchadnezzar holds 15L or 20 standard bottles. Now that is a party, but good luck trying to pour it!

Need a bigger box than a standard Magnum? We can make custom boxes, just measure your bottle and contact us for a quote.

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