DrinkMe.com Features Anniversary Wine Box

DrinkMe.com Features Anniversary Wine Box


By: Sara Lawrence

Engagements and weddings are always in season. You never know when one of your friends will get hitched and with that uncertainty comes the difficult task of finding the right engagement or wedding present to stun the receivers and the crowd. If the lucky couple enjoys a glass (or two) of wine on a regular basis Wine For A Wedding just might be your answer. Complete with a cabinet-like set up, Wine For A Wedding has three separate compartments to house one bottle each as it ages just like a relationship. On the front of each compartment is a unique engraving with opening instructions—on the first, fifth, and tenth anniversaries.

So, how does it work? First, select a box from a variety of designs and engravings or submit an inquiry for a personalized engraving such as a copy of a photograph. All boxes are setup in the same fashion, but what’s on it makes it special so choose wisely. Second, this optional step allows you to choose from an array of wine choices assembled to age for the future anniversaries or purchase your own elsewhere. Third, add a personalized touch with a toast written by you engraved inside each lid. Fourth and finally, your order should arrive, in continental US, within 2 weeks.

Don’t let finding a gift become a daunting task, let Wine For A Wedding handcraft a masterpiece for a lifetime.

Prices begin at $89.00

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