Burnetts Boards features Anniversary Wine Box

Burnetts Boards features Anniversary Wine Box in gift guide as wedding gift that keeps giving

The best wedding gift you can give is one that keeps giving! I’ve rounded up five of my favorites for newlyweds – gifts that are perfect for couples starting their lives together, and even got to sample one of them myself.

gift guide: wedding gift that keeps giving

1. Have your couple put all of their kitchen wedding registry items to use with Hello Fresh. Hello fresh delivers fresh food periodically (think of it as a subscription box) and each meal feeds two people. It comes complete with recipes and every ingredient you’d need to make things like garlic lime chicken with corn on the cob, pan-seared pork chops, or Peruvian shrimp tacos. They’ve even got a vegetarian box for your herbivores.

2. Another fabulous gift that keeps giving is an anniversary wine box from Wine For A Wedding. These customizable wooden wine boxes fit three bottles of wine (or thankfully for me – bubbly), which the newlyweds will open on their first, third, and fifth anniversaries. The interior of the sliding doors can also be inscribed with quotes, love notes, or happy marriage advice from relatives, family, and friends. This is the perfect, thoughtful gift for a couple that enjoys a special glass of wine every now and then!

3. New couples often have new homes together and nothing brings a bit of joy to a new home like fresh cut flowers. The Flower of the Month Club delivers a breathtaking, professionally designed seasonal bouquet each month to your newlyweds. They’re shipped overnight to ensure freshness and guaranteed to make your special duo smile.

4. Magazine subscriptions are always a nice gift for newlyweds and The Nest is among the best. Specifically geared towards young couples, this magazine has articles covering love and marriage, interior design, green living, home organizing, health, and delicious recipes.

5. Another fun wedding gift that keeps giving is a subscription to Try The World. It’s a food subscription box that arrives every other month, and each month a different country is featured. Travel-loving newlyweds will adore this one as treats from Japan, Argentina, France, and countries yet to be unveiled are delivered right to their doorstep.

I was lucky enough to be able to try one of these gifts that keep giving for myself. A perfectly packaged, custom Monogram Cottage Anniversary Wine Box box arrived last week and I just adore it! It’s well built, well designed, thoughtful, and I love the inscriptions on the inside (no, I did not have any patience to wait and read them.)

Be sure to check out Wine For A Wedding’s entire collection here. There’s a personalized wedding gift for every couple’s style and it’s sure to please them for years to come not only as a beautiful addition to their home, but as a reminder of their special day.

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