How to Pack Wine In Our Boxes

Adding the wine to your wine box

Putting bottles of wine in a wine box… sounds easy enough, right? Well, basically it is, but there may be a few tips that can be learned by reviewing our step-by-step process.

Once you receive your custom wine box, and the “woo hoo's” and “this is awesome” subside, you may want to fill it with some delicious wine before gifting.

Our wine boxes will hold bottles up to 13″ tall x 3-3/4″ wide. This will accommodate most standard 750ml wine and liquor bottles - even a bottle of Dom Perignon, which is a little wider than most.

Step 1

Your first step will be to place the box on a solid surface and slide open each compartment.

How to Pack Wine In Our Boxes: Step One

Step 2

We like to start at the bottom (started from the bottom now we’re here ) compartment and work our way up when packing multiple compartments. Take out half of the crinkle paper and set it aside (we placed ours on the box).

How to Pack Wine In Our Boxes: Step Two

Step 3

Always leave more crinkle paper on the end where the neck of the bottle will be placed. Place the wine bottle in on its side so that the labels are not facing upwards.

*This will help to prevent the label from rubbing against the back of the lid and possibly having the ink from the label rub off onto the lid’s message.*

How to Pack Wine In Our Boxes: Step Three

Step 4

Next, take the remaining crinkle paper you set aside and place over the bottle, making sure to put the crinkle paper down the sides of the bottle and over the neck.

How to Pack Wine In Our Boxes: Step Four

Step 5

Slide the lid back in place while pushing the paper down – this keeps the lid from getting the paper caught in the grooves.

How to Pack Wine In Our Boxes: Step Five

Step 6

Now you’re ready to place the lid seals. The seals will be in a compartment of the wine box. Take the seal off the paper backing and place 1/3 of it on the top of the lid.

How to Pack Wine In Our Boxes: Step Six

It’s always a good rule of thumb to place the lid seals on the box with clean hands. As for the seals, a little bit of pressure does the trick 🙂

Step 7

Start from the edge of the lid seal and smooth downward to prevent bubbles/creases.

How to Pack Wine In Our Boxes: Step Seven

How to Pack Wine In Our Boxes: Step SevenB

Repeat these steps if you’re packing a multiple compartment wine box. And “Voila!” you have packed your first wine box! Happy Gifting!!

 Need tips for picking out wine that can age? click here

Only a licensed dealer can ship wine in the U.S. – an individual/consumer cannot! If a shipper (FedEx, UPS, USPS) suspects that alcohol is inside a package, they will confiscate it, plus it’s a felony. Please abide by the law 🙂

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