Wine Box Holds Future Treasures

Gifting Clever Story: Wine Box Holds Future Treasures

Enjoy this #giftingclever story from one of our creative customers:

Thanks for reaching out. Our wine box is beautiful and we currently have it displayed as part of our kitchen décor as we await the time for opening the five and ten year anniversary compartments.

Our anniversary wine box was part of our wedding ceremony. It was a small wedding with just our close family and friends. The wine box was on a table with a fingerprint tree guest book, and around it we placed pens and green cards — cut to fit in the wine box compartments. 

We asked our guests to write us notes to place in the one, five, or ten year compartments, and at the end of the wedding we sealed the compartments with the wine and notes inside. I think many people wrote one for each anniversary.

Detail image: Wine Box Guest Book

On our first anniversary my husband and I had a lot of fun opening up the first compartment, drinking our wine together, and reading the notes from our wedding guests. Interestingly, most of them were written in the present tense, as if people were speaking to us right then, with only my grandpa’s note acknowledging that he had written his note at a past time to future us.

Having this time capsule of notes from our loved ones really took us back to the day and helped us relive all the fun and special moments.


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