Gifting Clever – Celebrating Franchisee Business Achievements

Celebrating Franchisee Business Achievements

wings and rings wine box

A branded 3-bottle wine box gift was created for Buffalo Wings & Rings to celebrate business achievements with new franchisees. Upon reaching each goal the franchisee slides the lid open and toasts the occasion with a bottle of wine.

Buffalo Wings and Rings

A bit more about Buffalo Wings & Rings:

Since 1984, when we served our very first wing in Cincinnati, Ohio, we’ve been focused on the food we love and the people who love it. Sure, we’ve always been a little wing-obsessed, maybe a little sports-obsessed as well — but look how we’ve grown! Over the years, we’ve built upon the flavors and fun, adding more crave-inducing options to our menu and locations to the map. See how we’ve gone from one store in Cincinnati, to 59 locations domestic and international.

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