Papercut Artist Creates an Amazing Anniversary Box Design

Papercut Artist Creates an Amazing Anniversary Box Design

We are always on the lookout for artists to collaborate with and a few weeks ago, while on Etsy, a piece of artwork really caught our eye. It was a stunning design of intricate flowers and leaves winding, twisting and growing together. But the truly amazing part is that it was hand-cut out of paper. That’s right, hand-cut… with an x-acto knife (makes my hand hurt thinking about it). 

The phenomenal design and craftsmanship sent off an alarm, you know the ding, the ah-ha bell… so, I messaged the artist, Sarah Trumbauer (a fine artist, highly skilled in the tradition of scherenschnitte)telling her of our wine boxes and how I thought her amazing art would be the perfect fit for creating an incredible wine box wedding / anniversary gift.

Sarah agreed and so it began—a collaboration to create a new papercut work of art specifically designed for our unique Anniversary Wine BoxesTogether, we wanted the artwork and wine box to symbolize the moment when love begins, how it grows over time, and lasts for an eternity.  Sarah was kind enough to document her process so we could see the work of art take shape. Her meticulous detail and intricacy is just exquisite.

scherenschnitte, the process

scherenschnitte, the process

Meet the newest member of the family, the “Eternal Love” Anniversary Wine Box.Not only is it an incredible work of art with an inspiring quote, you can also personalize it with the couple’s names and wedding date. And, of course, it’s designed to open on future anniversaries. Enjoy!

Anniversary Box: Eternal Love

Detail Image: Eternal Love

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