Cozy Beds for Furry Friends

Cozy Beds for Furry Friends

Just up the road from our wood shop is the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic. They are an all volunteer, non-profit organization specializing in the rehabilitation of native Missouri mammals. They care for orphaned or injured raccoons, squirrels, bunnies, badgers and just about any other critter from around these parts.  After nursing these little guys back to health, they are released into their natural habitat to frolic once again.

We are always looking for ways to repurpose things we have laying around at the shop.  One day we were looking at all of these aspen shavings we sweep up every week and thought maybe our little furry friends at the clinic might like to use them as bedding while getting better. We bagged up some shavings to see if the volunteers thought they might be useful to them and sure enough they did.

Furry Friend

Now, every few weeks we collect our shavings and drop them off at the Clinic to be made into cozy little beds for our furry little friends. If you would like to help the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic, they are always looking for donations and volunteers.

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