Zola features Artificer Wood Works

Artificer Partners with Zola to Provide Unique Wedding Gifts and Favors

Zola partners with Artificer Wood Works to provide high quality and unique personalized wedding gifts and favors. Artificer appeared in a Meet the Maker feature as Zola introduced the new category Gifts + Favors featuring "hand-picked items for bridesmaids, groomsmen and even parents". Artificer Wood Works items include Wedding Party Wine Boxes, Monogrammed Wine Boxes, and Monogrammed Bottle Openers.

Wedding Party Wine Box featured by Zola

Artificer and Zola make great partners as they both strive to deliver exceptional and unique products to their customers. Artificer also recognizes that Zola's brand image, design and tech sensibilities, respect for merchants, and passion to deliver the best experiences to their customers aligns perfectly with their own values.

Wedding Party Wine Boxes featured by Zola

Zola recognizes the "meticulously hand crafted creations" from Artificer Wood Works as "the perfect way to thank the ones you love for their contribution to your special day."

Monogrammed Bottle Opener featured by Zola

Organic Wine Box featured by Zola


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