6 Unique Anniversary Gifts Way Better Than Flowers

6 Unique Anniversary Gifts Way Better Than Flowers

One of the most critical elements of celebrating your wedding anniversary is the gift. Whether it’s your first, fifth, or tenth anniversary, it’s important to make sure the gift is something special. Hitting just the right note on an anniversary gift can definitely be a challenge, so we have put together a list of unique anniversary gift ideas that are both personal and thoughtful.

Where We’ve Been World Map

For the world traveler, this unique map is the perfect gift for the both of you. It gives you a chance to look back and remember where you’ve been together during your marriage. Just write on it, mark it up, make it your own! The best part is that it’s the ideal reminder to keep traveling together as one by one you fill the map with your adventures.

Anniversary Wine Box Wedding Gift

These handcrafted anniversary wine boxes store multiple bottles of wine so you can celebrate multiple anniversaries! Fully customizable, you can have the anniversary you are currently celebrating printed onto the lid, as well as picking two other future anniversaries to complete the set. Fill it with your partner’s favorite wine and this becomes a gift that’s personal and enjoyable on several levels.

Personalized Puzzle

Do you absolutely love your wedding photos? Get them made into a puzzle you can do together! This gift doubles as a date night as you sit down and put yourselves together piece by piece. Include a beautiful frame as a part of the gift so you can keep your handiwork (and your photo) as a visible reminder of your love and teamwork.  

Wooden Phone Amplifier

With its beautiful wood patterns, this carved phone amplifier doubles as a decor piece that will look lovely in your home. Make sure you have your wedding song cued up on your phone to slip into the dock after opening it and enjoy sweeping your partner off their feet all over again.

Handmade “Personalized” Bouquet

Just dying to get crafty and still give the “traditional” gift of flowers? Take your bouquet up a notch by crafting a personalized one tailored to your partner’s favorite thing. Do they have preferred drink? Make a bouquet of mini bottles! A favorite lip gloss or nail polish? Go crazy with the sample sizes. Pretty much anything can be made into a bouquet by attaching them to some sticks and bundling them together. Extra points for beautiful presentation!

Keepsake Box

For a gift that just might have your partner crying from your thoughtfulness, put together a keepsake box of all the memories you have made together since you tied the knot. Add a personal touch on the lid such as your names, or a sweet sentiment. Then, fill it with small things that will mean a lot to both of you. The keys to a first home together, notes about how you feel, even snapshots of the two of you together. There are no rules here, so be creative!

Choose from any one of these unique gifts and create a memorable anniversary for you both.

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