Wine Boxes - A Closer Look

We Handcraft Premium Wine Boxes, Not Crates

Crates are boxes that are tacked together, used to transport something and then discarded. Unfortunately, many items marketed as wine "boxes" fall into this category. They are poorly constructed, have lids that don't fit or operate properly and are not built to last. We handcraft our wine boxes to be a treasured keepsake of unmatched fit and finish. We realize that when making an online purchase it is sometimes hard to see the differences, but we guarantee you will not find a better wine box for the money. The difference is in the details. 

Proudly Handmade By Craftsmen

Most boxes you will find are purchased in mass from overseas. We hand-make each box right here in our workshop. A craftsman spends the extra time needed to ensure each and every box meets our high expectations for quality and detail. We do this to ensure that you receive a box you will be as proud to give, as we are to make.

Dovetailed Corner Joints

We use half-blind dovetail joints to create the corners of our boxes. This method of joinery requires skill and precision. While it is more complicated and labor intensive to make, it is stronger and more attractive than typical box joints or the nailed and glued construction found in most other wine boxes. 

Concealed Lid Groove

Many wine boxes you will see have a gapping hole in the back where the lid slot shows on the end of the box. We find this unattractive and, frankly, a bit lazy. Our lid groove is fully concealed giving the outer box a more attractive and finished look.

Boxes Made from Aspen

Aspen is a clean wood that is light in color. It has a fairly low oil content as opposed to pine and other woods making it less aromatic, which is an important factor when building a wine box. Wine can pick up aromas through the cork that alter the flavor when stored for long periods of time. Using less aromatic aspen assures that the wine in the box will not take on any unintended flavors. Most of our aspen is harvested in the Great Lakes region of the U.S. and Canada. We use 1/2" solid aspen to create the sides of our boxes creating a strong, substantial feeling in the hand. Many other wine boxes you will find are made from thinner wood that will tend to warp over time.

Lids Made from Baltic Birch Plywood

Baltic Birch is a premium plywood often used by cabinet makers. We use this material for the lids and backs of our boxes. It provides a wonderfully clean substrate for engraving. It contains five thick plys, as opposed to many veneer plywoods that have much thinner veneers. In order to insure the highest quality for our products, we have taken the extra step of working with the mill to produce a higher grade of plywood than is typically commercially available. Our lids are 1/4" thick and each one is fit by hand to ensure smooth operation.

Precise Engraving & Original Designs

Our in-house engraving studio uses top-of-the-line laser engravers to ensure crisp and precise engravings. Our craftspeople are dedicated to insuring your order is not only accurate but beautiful. All of our artwork is either created by us or one of our artist partners making each design original and unique. 

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