Timbrefone™ - A Closer Look

An Acoustic Work of Art

Passive wood speakers are not a new concept, but we have created one that we not only feel functions better than most, but does it in unmatched style. While a passive speaker is not a replacement for a powered sound unit, it does provide an easy and convenient way to enjoy and share your music anywhere.

No Power Needed

The Timbrefone™ requires no power or batteries. Simply slide your phone in and physics does the rest. This makes it extremely convenient for the patio, office, kitchen, or anywhere you want to listen to some tunes but not be bothered with trying to find an outlet or worry about batteries.

Easy To Use Cradle

We designed our cradle to easily accommodate any iPhone, without having to remove the phones case. We found this to be a flaw with most other designs, as having to remove the case is inconvenient.

Unique Acoustic Cone

In order to amplify the sound from the phones internal speaker we looked to physics. Much the same way a megaphone or old style record players amplify sound, our acoustic cone harnesses the sound waves from the phone and then reflects it down the cone, amplifying it. The length and diameter to the cone amplifies different frequencies of sound. The longer and wider the cone, the lower bass sounds are amplified. The shorter and narrower, the higher treble sounds are amplified. With the Timbrefone we have tried to strike the perfect balance.

Baltic Birch Plywood Construction

We use a solid block of Baltic birch plywood. The density of the wood helps create a warmer tone.

Danish Oil Finish

Each Timbrefone™ is hand rubbed with three coats of danish oil, giving it a warm beautiful finish.

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