We have always been creative. We have always been thinkers. We have always been makers.

The search for something memorable.

It all started back in the early 2000’s. I was in my 20’s and had numerous friends getting married and a simple problem emerged — I was tired of gifting the same things from registries. All the fun stuff was usually gone quickly and I was left with the choice of a place setting or window treatment.

Some close friends were getting married and I needed a unique and thoughtful wedding gift. These particular friends loved wine, so my thoughts started there. Wine glasses, bottle openers, decanters… the list goes on, but none seemed particularly personal or memorable for such good friends. So how about a few bottles of wine? Sure they would love it, but the bottles would soon disappear with nothing memorable left. Plus, I had always thought of a bottle of wine as really more of a housewarming gift - not a wedding gift.

Maybe if I could find a really nice box they could have as a keepsake to put the wine in? After looking high and low nothing really stood out – it was either an old wine crate or cheaply made box. I soon ran out of time and was relegated to find something on their registry – something I can't recall and I am sure they can't either.

The best things get better with age.

Something about this wine box idea stuck with me through the years that followed. I had been learning a lot more about wine and one of the most fascinating things to me was that wine could evolve with age — just like love.

What if this box could be built to hold multiple bottles to be revealed in celebration of future anniversaries? My gift could age with the couple and be ready and waiting to toast each marriage milestone. A toast... what a great idea! Could I offer my own toast to them as well? Maybe with a personal message engraved on the back of each lid that they could share as they revealed each bottle of wine?

The idea had matured into something truly unique: The Anniversary Wine Box. I talked with some friends, and everyone seemed to think it was one of those ah-ha! moments. At that point, I thought we may be onto something. We filed for our patent on the concept and box design and in May of 2011, launched WineforaWedding.com.

Every bottle deserves a box.

We started getting orders immediately for our wedding related boxes. We are so thankful to those pioneering customers we have had from the beginning.

Our customers loved giving a unique and personal gift and they wanted to be able to do this for not only weddings, but many other occasions from Birthdays to Corporate Gifts. In early 2012, we launchedBoxforaBottle.com selling the same unique, toast inside the box concept for every other occasion.

A place to hang our aprons.

After years of struggling with outside vendors, we finally realized the only way to consistently meet our own high standards, have the freedom to innovate our products, and deliver the best to our customers was to build our own workshop.

We immediately began devoting all resources to the procurement of a workshop, equipment, and team members to help our visions become a reality. In October 2012, we found the perfect spot in High Ridge, Missouri (where we still reside today). With the addition of several pieces of equipment and very skilled craftsmen, Artificer Wood Works was born.

The development and evolution of Artificer Wood Works continues today as we strive to combine our innovative spirit with the nostalgia of artisan craftsmanship to handcraft the finest wood products possible.

Making you happy, makes us happiest.

Our journey that started with a simple idea has evolved into our company.

We are proud to say we are providing high paying American jobs, an innovative and exciting workplace, the highest quality, handcrafted products, and doing it in a responsible and socially conscious way. Everyday we work with our hands, our minds, and our hearts. The only way this happens is through you, our wonderful customers. We hope to show our gratitude by continuing to work hard and assure your experience with us is nothing short of amazing.

~ Marc (founder)

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doris honochick

We were trying to find a wedding present for a second marriage and discovered Artificer Wood Works through a google search. Not only did we receive the most beautifully hand crafted, made in the USA, anniversary wine box, but we learned they also plant a tree for every product they sell! We found them easy to work with and very professional. If you are considering ordering , without hesitation we say~ order from them~ You will not be disappointed!

Posted 6 days ago

Amber Mcclamroch

The 3 nights wine box was absolutely beautiful. The personalization was perfect and made it even more special. I know it will be a wonderful valentine's gift.

Posted 1 week ago

Ashley Haymann

Unique, thoughtful and personal wine box. Our friends told us it was the best gift they've ever received. Beautiful quality and made in the USA! God bless America!

Posted 1 week ago

Luisjana Como

The wine box was amazing! The carving and written hand note gave it an extra special touch. Thank you for this beautiful product!

Posted 1 week ago

Melissa Mahood

Customer services was outstanding and very timely. I found the gift idea online 2 weeks before the wedding. I was worried about the timing but it arrived with 2 days to spare! The wine box was amazing and my brother and his new wife loved it!

Posted 2 weeks ago

Selisa Noonan

This is the second time we have ordered the wine box .. Both for my nieces for a wedding gift .. and everyone absolutely loved them! So very special with the picture of the lovely couple engraved! Thank you so much for the best customer service ever and such a wonderful and beautiful finished product!

Posted 3 weeks ago

Phyllis Wozniak

The wine box I ordered for a family we'd gift is absolutely beautiful!! I was floored when I received it. The detail is amazing . It's just gorgeous! I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you so much ????

Posted 3 weeks ago


Excellent gift! Was a hit with my friends. This is my new place for thoughtful gifts for people. Engraved note on the wooden box priceless!!

Posted 3 weeks ago

Tamara Freiburg

The most unique gift, I loved it. The craftsmanship was excellent and customer service top notch.

Posted 1 month ago

Brian Tannebaum

I would not hesitate to order another item from them. Initially the picture I sent was not of high quality and they emailed me to ask for another one. I was able to obtain a high resolution picture and the item arrived today. It is spectatular.

Posted 1 month ago