Wine... Milkshakes?

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It has been hot here lately, and I mean brutally hot. The last two weeks have hovered just above 100 degrees, with heat indexes approaching 115. While room temp to slightly chilled is how we generally enjoy our wine, with all this heat we have been in search of a way to serve our wine at a lower temperature. We might agree that what we are about to show you will be considered sacrilege in many circles (and we were skeptical ourselves), but the results were quite delicious and brought our core temps down a bit. 

The key to making a wine milkshake is experimentation; there are no rules here. This is a brief documentation of our experience, but feel free to create your own recipe with what you have available. Please be sure to comment if you discover any helpful tips on your journey :)

What you will need:

  • Wine - We used a rather obscure bottle of coconut-flavored wine because we thought it might be perfect for this experiment. We have heard use of desert wines (ports in particular), but you’ll want something on the sweet side for sure (and maybe high in alcohol).
  • Vanilla Ice Cream- If you want to try something different go for it, but vanilla is...well vanilla. It lets whatever else you add stand out as its own flavor.
  • Frozen Fruit- We chose a bag of frozen pineapple, as it would mesh well with our coconut wine. Think piña colada!
  • Whipped Cream and Toppings- We chose traditional cherries, but go with whatever you like on your shake.
  • A Blender


wine shake ingredients

For best taste results, pick a flavor theme for your shake. We started by putting almost all of our ice cream and frozen fruit in the blender. It is sometimes good to keep a little ice cream in reserve in case your consistency gets too thin. Next, add a normal glass of wine and blend. If it seems too thick, add a little more wine. Too thin? Add more ice cream.

Next, pour it into a glass and finish it off as you would any ice cream treat. We added whipped cream, a cherry, straw, and a little umbrella to finish off our tropical treat. We hope you enjoy!


Wine Milkshake

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