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Every marriage needs to be strong to stand the test of time, and at WineforaWedding we want our wine boxes to do the same. In our continuing effort to build the best wine boxes possible, we have decided to change the construction of our joints. This joinery change, from a box joint to a blind dovetail joint, allows us to handcraft a box of great strength, design and beauty.

This joint is found in many antique furniture pieces and considering they didn't have the same high strength glues we have today, this says a lot to the durability and self-locking nature of this joint. This joint is more difficult to produce than most joints and requires precision to ensure a tight fit. While many wine crates and boxes are simply nailed together or use inferior joinery, we wanted our boxes to be superior to anything else available. When putting three expensive bottles of wine in a box, you want to be confident that it will remain intact. We did some pretty extensive crash testing on our new boxes and discovered that the wood will break before the joint fails. While we are not recommending that you try this with your box, we wanted to be confident that our wine boxes are of the highest quality construction and can be considered an heirloom piece of fine wood working.

We are extremely proud of the wine boxes we handcraft in our wood shop. While there are many wine boxes and crates out there of varying degrees of quality, we are confident that ours are not only beautiful, but built to last. We are confident you will feel and see the care put into each handcrafted WineforaWedding box. 

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