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Our company started with an original idea, a vision. It was created in our minds, poured from our hearts and forged by our hands – from nothing. It has consumed virtually every moment of our lives and most of our thoughts for the past several years. We have risked everything to bring it into this world. That is what it means to be an inventor, a creator, and entrepreneur. We take great pride in what we do and are inspired when we see other makers succeed with their own innovative creations as well. With that being said...

Lately, we have been unimpressed and disturbed by a lot of what we have seen. It seems that many people throw up a website or an Etsy store, buy some cheap foreign-made products and claim to be 'makers' and further claim that their products are "handcrafted in the USA". We have also seen a lot of knockoffs of our patented Anniversary Wine Box appearing in various places. A few websites have actually stolen images and descriptions from our products and posted them on their own websites. Others have copied our designs or concepts and use them to promote themselves as original or creative. Some have even traced artwork from our wine boxes and tried to sell it as their own. The lack of imagination and amount of deception is appalling. It is very upsetting to pour your heart and soul into creating something only to see someone else come along and recreate a cheap, low-quality, diluted version and proclaim it was their own great, creative idea.

To those of you out there who read this and are contemplating copying our concept... please don't. We have a patent and we are not afraid to use it. Our designs are also protected by our own copyright or the copyright of our artist partners. This is intellectual property and copying it is stealing. We also work very hard everyday to make sure our truly handcrafted boxes are the best quality for our wonderful customers. We very much doubt you can build a better wine box (but if you can, please send us your resume - we are always looking for skilled craftspeople to join our team : ).

If you are a potential customer and are contemplating buying one of our original wine boxes we promise you will not be disappointed with the quality and value of our products or our exceptional customer service. Building this company and these products is our dream. Our mission everyday to make certain your experience receiving a WineforaWedding Anniversary Wine Box is nothing short of delightful.

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