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How to Store Your Wedding Wine Box

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You could have come by your wine box in any number of ways. Maybe you included it in your wedding ceremony as a way to add a personal touch to the proceeding. Maybe you were given it as a thoughtful gift from a friend or family member. Maybe you just loved the designs and wanted the perfect excuse to plan for opening a great bottle of wine with a loved one in the future.

However you came by your wedding wine box, you now have the important decision of how to properly display it in your home. Here are a few ideas of how to tastefully incorporate this art piece into your decor and still keep the wine tasting its best for years.

On A Sideboard or Table

Given that your wine box holds wine, it makes sense to keep it close to a place you may one day drink it, such as in a dining room. If you have a sideboard, placing it safely on top and to the side will keep it in your sight without it getting in the way day to day. As a bonus, it makes a wonderful conversation starter for dinner parties!

In The Bedroom

One of the best things about an anniversary wine box is its promise for the future. It signifies a date with your significant other you get to anticipate, literally, for years. Why not keep it in the most romantic part of your home? Depending on your decor, it can add a personal touch to a dresser top, vanity, or even mounted on the wall as an art piece. It will be a visual reminder of all the good things you have to look forward to every time you see it before falling asleep.

Behind Glass

As with all things beautiful and unique, one of the best ways to display them is behind glass. A coffee table with a glass top makes an ideal place to lay out your wine box so it’s both visible and protected. For those with a home office, a small glass display case or glass box added to a bookshelf is another great option for showing off your wine box and other personal mementos.

Wine Behind Glass

Maintaining the Wine

Wherever you choose to store your anniversary wine box, it is equally important to know how you should store the box. In order to maintain the integrity of the wine, make sure you store your wine box so that the wine is on it’s side. This will keep wine in constant contact with the cork and prevent the wine becoming “corked” (a process where the chemical compound of the wine changes and makes the wine develop a distinct and unpleasant smell and taste). You can read this helpful article an in-depth guide on ways to maintain your wine.


Wherever you decide to display your wine box, it will be a constant reminder of all the good intentions you had for your relationship the day you closed it, as well as something delicious to anticipate until the day you get to open it together.

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