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5 Custom Holiday or Christmas Gifts for Wine Lovers

The holidays are approaching, and with them the impending stress of finding the perfect gift for those you care about. Booze is almost always a safe choice, but it's not the most unique option and, frankly, a bottle of wine won't last very long.

Accompanying said booze with a clever, customizable wine box, however, is sure to make a lasting impression on your friends, family, clients and more.

Here are five customized Christmas presents that will bring a smile — and a drink — to that special someone.

A Respectable Receptacle

If you're looking for high-end client gifts or something to impress a loved one, look no further than Artificer Woodworks' customizable wine boxes. We can engrave a family name, a company logo or whatever else would make your client feel appreciated.

An All-Inclusive Case

A holiday wine box can be the perfect gift for anyone — no matter which holiday they might celebrate. Artificer Woodworks offers wine boxes for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and even Christmahannukwanzakah. Whatever you choose, it’s a fun and cheeky way to wish your friends a happy holiday. Because if there's one thing we all have in common, it's an appreciation for a great bottle of wine.

A Comical Coffer

When it comes to the comedians in your life, finding clever Christmas presents can be difficult. A two-bottle wine crate that embodies both their naughty and nice side might just do the trick. Santa Claus says he knows who's been naughty or nice — but you can't see the list, so throw in a bottle for each and let everyone enjoy.

Looking for humor that's a little more crass? Try Artificer Woodworks' “let's get elf'd” number. It's a Christmas keepsake that will be enjoyed long after the wine is gone.

A Nostalgic Nod

The most thoughtful Christmas gifts are the ones that trigger feelings of joy and nostalgia. Give your friends, family or clients a taste of yesteryear with a woody wagon wine box or a classic  wine Christmas stocking. Both gifts embody Christmas memories past, present delight, and future use — basically it is the ideal Christmas gift. You can even Jot down your personal note or favorite Christmas memory on the inside lid.

A Cute Crate

And finally, who doesn't like a classically-cute and decorative wine holder? Commemorate the holidays with an adorable Rudolph-shaped container. With a gift like this, you'll go down in history. If magical reindeer aren't your thing, there's also a Frosty box that's sure to make anybody a jolly happy soul this Christmas. Just swap the corncob pipe for a bottle of Pinot and you're set.

A customized wine box creates a unique, personalized gift any wine lover will adore. Artificer Woodworks features many designs with custom wood engraving to make a clever and thoughtful wine Christmas gifts. The holiday wine boxes fit standard 750ml wine bottles in one, two, and three-bottle configurations as well as magnum-sized boxes for 1.5mL magnum-sized wine bottles. Artificer Woodworks can also build custom boxes to suit your needs.

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